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Benefits of Anix’s Technology

Anix is a customer engagement service available to help your customers 24/7, making the sales and support experience more efficient by reducing volume by up to 40% upon launch.

Customers interact with Anix using natural and personal communication, allowing for faster problem solving and clear next steps. Answer too difficult to be answered? Anix immediately forwards the inquiry to your support center.

Improve customer satisfaction

Quickly answer questions and remove friction from the customer experience.

Increase conversion rates

Provide users with a personalized experience that removes distractions and helps them convert.

Improve acquisition and upsell

Activate the data you have to find more customers and make your best ones even better.

Easy to deploy

Anix takes minutes to implement standalone or integrates into platforms like ZenDesk, Shopify and SalesForce.

How does Anix work?

Getting Started

Create a repository of questions that are frequently asked and their straightforward answers. These questions are an inefficient use of your human support team’s time.

Serving Customers

Anix serves as a virtual customer service agent, quickly answering questions. If a question doesn’t have an answer in your repository, your live service team can use Anix to directly talk with the customer. The Anix avatar will make the experience feel personalized and immediate.

Anix Keeps Learning

The Anix platform will make recommendations for how to make your question and answer repository more accurate and diverse. By expanding Anix’s knowledge base, your team can support more volume without having to increase your human support staff.


Customer Management & Loyalty

Customer loyalty by making improvements
based on customer input


One click - SAAS solution.

Customized Avatar

Offer most personalize experience.

Full visitor insides

Get full insights about your prospects.

Simple pricing

Get started with your free plan.

Small Business


0-2 Agents
Omni channel (Chat & Voice)
Basic reporting
Basic customization
Simple support

Medium Business

Per agent / Per month

3-10 Agents
Omni channel (Chat & Voice)
Advanced reporting
Full customization
24/7 support
AI backed by (Chat & Voice)
Product training


Per agent / Per month

10+ Agents
Omni channel (Chat & Voice)
Advanced reporting
Full customization
24/7 support
AI backed by (Chat & Voice)
Product training
Audio recording
Remove company logo
New avatars and voices

ANIX Apps and Integrations

Connect ANIX with the software you already love

Shopify & ANIX

The ANIX live assistent app will help make your Shopify store more human! Let customers see their order status and more without needed to chat.

Zendesk & ANIX

See all your user data in one place and forward ANIX conversations to Zendesk. Turn conversations into tickets and add valuable context from ANIX.
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SalesForce & ANIX

Create leads and send conversation to Salesforce. Use Salesforce data inside ANIX and give your sales team the power of live chat and voice data.
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ANIX Demos - for differnt use cases

Anix and shipment integrity

How to provide delivery system integration for check shipment status automatically. Get exceptional customer service experience.

ANIX and offer discount

How to increase sales with offering discount to visitors via voice. Tailored experience and offer.

Exceptional customer rep. influence

Adaptive selling is the altering of sales behavior during a customer interaction or across customer interactions.

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